The Khoi San E Foundation

The recently established Khoi San E Foundation stands as a non-profit force for change. Its mission? To uplift and enlighten the underprivileged youth across Southern Africa about their crucial roles in safeguarding our environment. The Foundation's purpose extends beyond charity; it's about nurturing self-confidence, empowering children to become proactive stewards of their environment.

Khoi San E Foundation’s core belief centers on the transformative power of awareness and education. To realize this vision, the Foundation has its gaze fixed on four interconnected pillars:

  1. Preserving Nature's Legacy: Reviving and shielding the very landscapes where the Khoisan people thrived.
  2. Championing Eco-Consciousness: Fostering environmental awareness, sustainable practices, and green education.
  3. Illuminating Minds: Nurturing education and outreach initiatives within marginalized communities.
  4. Investing in Knowledge: Offering scholarships and support for research and education in environmental conservation and rehabilitation.

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KSE passionately believes in collective strength — a force that propels real change. Your partnership, whether as an individual or an organization, is a crucial part of this movement. If you’re inspired to make a direct impact beyond a purchase, your support can make a significant impact and we welcome your contribution.


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Whether you're passionate about environmental harmony or historical appreciation, there are numerous ways to get involved with Khoi San E Foundation. Your participation helps us achieve our goal of honouring the Khoi San tradition of environmental stewardship and protecting the environment for future generations.


“Through Khoi San E, I’m exceptionally privileged to be able to make a meaningful difference to sustaining our environment.”