Our Founder

The Khoi San E Foundation was founded by Errica Adams-Berger to honour and celebrate the sustainable lifestyle values of the indigenous Khoi and San people of Southern Africa.

Errica's desire to pay homage to her ancestral heritage led to the establishment of the foundation as a platform to preserve, educate, and honour the cultural legacy of these remarkable communities.

A South African Beginning

Hailing from South Africa, Errica’s earliest memories are intertwined with the enchantment of nature.

“Even amidst societal pressures that sought to sow inferiority, nature remained a great equalizer for me. The sun’s warmth, the pristine snow atop mountains, the fragrance of wildflowers - they’re shared experiences, unifying us all.”

As time went on, Errica’s awareness of our planet’s plight deepened, and a sense of responsibility emerged within her.

“I’m driven by a yearning to rekindle respect for the Khoisan people, Southern Africa’s original inhabitants. Their way of life embodied values of community, care, and an innate bond with nature—an ethos we can glean so much from.”

It’s this deep-rooted belief, combined with her reverence for humanity, nature, and exquisite craftsmanship, that serves as the driving force behind the birth of Khoi San E - a sustainable brand like no other.

"This platform empowers me to support the education of underprivileged Southern African communities in environmental protection."

View the Collections

Our Jewellery collection is more than just exquisite adornments; it's a beacon of hope and empowerment. Every piece of Khoi San E jewellery is handcrafted with precision and passion, reflecting the timeless beauty of nature and the legacy of the Khoisan people.