Welcome to Khoi San E Foundation

Honouring the Khoisan People's Legacy

At Khoi San E Foundation, we are dedicated to preserving and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the indigenous Khoi and San people of Southern Africa.

The Khoisan people, a tribe of peaceful and friendly hunter-gatherers, thrived in harmony with nature and the cosmos for millennia. Their remarkable ability to survive in harsh environments while still maintaining a strong connection with the land is a testament to their resilience and wisdom.

Through various initiatives and projects, we aim to ensure that their legacy continues to inspire generations.

The Collections

Elegant designs, handcrafted from sustainable materials

Infinite Flow is a contemporary re-interpretation of the infinity symbol and is inspired by the Khoisan’s infinite knowledge and respect for the limitless circularity of nature.

Lone Star draws its magic from the juxtaposition of apparent opposites that create a harmonious entity: sparkle and darkness, the warmth of gold and the cold fire of a diamond.

The African Skies Collection is an ode to the ever-changing hues of the Karoo desert skies - each piece mirroring the captivating journey from dawn to dusk.

Infinite Flow

Infinite Flow

“Infinite Flow” reinterprets the Infinity sign in a contemporary way: There is... 

Lone Star

Lone Star

”Lone Star” draws its magic from the juxtaposition of apparent opposites that... 

African Sky

African Sky

Introducing the African Sky Collection, a testament to the dynamic colors of... 

Treading Lightly

From sourcing to packaging, KSE is passionate about celebrating nature – without harming it. KSE is also committed to the fair and respectful treatment of everyone involved from concept through to delivery.

Profits from the sales of the jewellery are invested in the Khoi San E Foundation - fulfilling our vision of "Jewellery with a Purpose".