From the sourcing of our raw materials, to the delivery of your beautiful piece of jewellery, Khoi San E is committed to ‘treading’ as lightly as possible on our planet. We are also committed to the fair and respectful treatment of everyone involved in the process.

From the Ground Up


Raw Materials
All materials are sourced with as little impact as possible. Only repurposed gold and diamonds are used, avoiding the need to extract more of these precious resources from the earth.

Design Process
To minimize travel, most of the cordination between the design phase and the craftsmen and women is done online.

The jewellery is handcrafted in small SCS certified workshops. CLICK here for more details on SCS certification.


Hand Packaged

Each piece is packaged in an authentic mud cloth bag. The fabric is made from 100% cotton that is grown and handwoven into fabric in Mali. The fabric is shipped by sea from Mali to South Africa and then hand sewn into bags with a 50% cotton, 50% linen lining. Hand-embroidery and a natural cotton wax drawstring are the finishing touches.

Our boxes are small works of art to be treasured along with their contents. They are manufactured in Munich by a multi-generational book binding company that prioritizes their craft over expansion and specialises in high-quality, innovative products. Each box is hand made from organic materials, lined with locally sourced, natural felt, and adheres to Germany's highest organic and sustainability standards.

Community Connection

Social Commitment

The profits generated by the sale of jewellery created by Khoi San E will support the Khoi San E Foundation and other non-profit organisations whose focus is on environmental sustainability, impact management and awareness education.

An example of the latter that is close to my heart is educating children from underprivileged communities on the importance of - and their roles in protecting nature.

"My commitment: Sustainable sourcing, craftmanship and packaging. Each time we buy an unsustainable item, we are investing in the destruction of the earth.”

Our Suppliers

United Precious Metal Refining - our NY based metal suppliers, utilize CO2 offset shipping options when available. Several primary chain & diamond vendors have carbon neutral production facilities. They typically only use recycled paper goods for their office & packaging/shipping materials.

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